About Get Online NOLA


Get Online NOLA was born out of love for New Orleans, and a huge respect for the entrepreneurs who keep the economy churning. Once upon a time, our founders, Wendy & Jeremy Dolan. were freelancers in Los Angeles.  Together they built custom websites, ecommerce sites, and software as a service. When the pair decided to move (home) to New Orleans to start a family, they noticed how many small businesses in the city were operating either without a website, or with an unprofessional template site. After speaking to countless business owners who said they knew they needed a website, but couldn’t afford a custom job, the Dolans decided to design a product that allowed those hard working New Orleanians to GET ONLINE & improve their bottom line.

Get Online NOLA has flexible packages and transparent pricing. That way you can customize your site to fit your needs, and only pay for what you absolutely need.

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